100,000 – Annual Art Loot

Artworks @ 100,000 Kamar Alam, Oil on Canvas, 30x30 inches Murali Nagapuzha, 36 x 24 inches on canvas Rohit Sharma, Water colour on paper, 30x40 inches Amit Kumar Jaiswal, Acrylic on Canvas - 36x48 inches 2 Anuj Poddar, Glass, 18x12x8 inches Rajiv Puri 2 - oil on canvas - 38x28 inches Rajiv Puri 1 - oil on canvas - 36x36 inches Prakash Deshmukh Acrylic on canvas Size-36''×42'' Prakash Deshmukh acrylic on canvas - 36x48 inches Shubhra Das, Serenity I Purnna Behera - 36x48 inches - mixed media on paper


All artworks @ Rs 100,000 only!!! Pick your favorite contemporary Indian artist for only Rs 100,000.

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Raise my expectation

Many a times we accept what we are not happy with,

Many a times we are happy with the second best,

Times are such, when we don’t expect more than what we get,

Times are such, when we stop expecting more than what we have.

Where do I go when I wish to question my expectation,

As what I expect from myself, is sometimes flawed.

I look beyond the word expectation and channelize it to feel more liberated,

I ask not what I expect, but what will make me happy.

I ask not what I will be happy with, but what will truly MAKE me happy.

Once I know the difference – I can raise my expectation,

Once I know


Merry Go Round

Setup time for Merry Go Round!!!

Merry Go Round – 30th Jan 2013 @ IGNCA, Janpath, New Delhi

Anand Panchal BI Anjana Mehra 2 BI Anjana Mehra BI farhad BI Suchit 2 BI

Anand Panchal – 2012

Chapters – George Martin

Looking at Martin’s works, it is always in the realm of freedom in which the artist brings his own self and all the infinite riches of the world. This delights us and excites our admiration by the miracle of creative exploration of the world. As Martin himself says “My works exists somewhere between objects and images.” It feels that the viewer is part of his work, he tries to communicate with him by stimulating his memory. The viewer has the right to interpret the work of art as he like to make his own work of art, for Martin it is enough simply to give him this sign, to communicate with him without trying to teach or direct him.



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TAD Arts Coverage in Financial Times

Financial Times – 25th April 2012 covers the show Chapters, presented by http://www.tadarts.in at the Galaxy Hotel, Gurgaon